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*** John 17 Ministries ***

John 17 Ministries is an organization reaching out to the churches and the community in Tucson, striving to bring unity in Christ . Under their umbrella is "John 17", an emerging Tres Dias community, working toward a charter with the Tres Dias organization. Tres Dias of Central Arizona is their sponsoring community. Since it's inception, about five years ago, a few people from TDCA, Jim Langdal, Ken Johnson and Dennis Smith, have been part of their Steering Committee serving as support.

John 17 has put on a number of very successful Tres Dias weekends since 2016. Although this community is still young they have had a huge impact on a number of people and churches. The weekend teams, however, have been relatively small and our support is greatly needed. Prayer for this community and weekend team support will be appreciated.

John 17 Ministries website

We are strongly encouraging our TDCA community to serve if at all possible for the upcoming July weekends.

Please contact contact Lisa Byl artlisabyl@gmail.com or
Dave Strong daveruns100s@msn.com with any questions you may have.


The Tres Dias movement endeavors to bring Christians to a closer, more personal walk with their Lord Jesus Christ, and to encourage them to Christian leadership and apostolic action in their environment.

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or at a Sequela please feel free to send any suggestions Rikk.Cramer10@gmail.com.
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