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*** Anniversary Party Postponed ***

At the regular August Secretariat meeting (8/3/2021) we reviewed the status of the Anniversary Party planned for August 14. Advance ticket sales have not produced the turnout we hoped for (only 10 days before the party, barely 80 people have signed up). We are thinking perhaps the busy August time frame is preventing folks from attending - juggling restarting schools, team meetings in full swing and some vacations still occurring. Concerns were also raised at the meeting about the recent Covid-19 resurgence due to the highly contagious Delta variant – in fact half of the Anniversary Party worship team (4 people) have tested positive for Covid and would unlikely be able to attend.

With heavy hearts, we decided to postpone the party to a future date which will be determined after more analysis. We will be looking at better scheduling options and monitoring the Covid-19 situation as it unfolds. We believe this is a prudent decision, allowing us to host a party that can be fully enjoyed by our community. Stay tuned for further updates.

Meanwhile, the fall weekends with Mitch Malinski and Linda Flick continue to move forward carefully, with team meetings and other preparations well underway.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact Jim Langdal - azdansk@gmail.com, 602-908-6211 cell.

Fall Weekends Update

We are moving forward cautiously with the Fall weekends - Mitch and Linda are reviving their planning and team formation for the #38 weekends, scheduled for Oct 14 and 21. As you know, life is starting to look more normal with the CDC loosening their guidelines and vaccines making the rounds. We are still waiting for updated guidance from Tres Dias International, expected at the end of May, but in anticipation of getting a green light we have started the ball rolling.

If you are interested in serving on team, click the WEEKEND button in the upper left corner. First meeting is Sat July 17 - a Joint Men's & Women's team meeting at North Bible church. Watch for more updates.

Kind of tied to this same topic, the Dress Rehearsal weekend held in mid-April was a great success. We had almost 50 folks join us up on the mountain walking through the weekend activities and thinking about ways to improve them and keep everyone involved safe. You will likely see a few changes come this October as a result of our work. Needless to say, we also had great fellowship, worship, mealtimes and we cleaned up all the totes in the trailer!



The Tres Dias movement endeavors to bring Christians to a closer, more personal walk with their Lord Jesus Christ, and to encourage them to Christian leadership and apostolic action in their environment.

Dear TDCA Community

The Secretariat has written a letter to you, sharing our thoughts about this past year.  The links below will take you to a text pdf or an audio mp3 or a video mp4 of the letter being read by Jasmine Medina.  Please read or listen to our thoughts - if you have any comments or feedback, there is also a link to email the Secretariat.  Blessings to you all this New Year!

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