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The TDCA community hosted the international meeting in sunny Arizona November 2–4 2018, Teresa Babb, VP of administration, TDI visited Arizona in August (bless her heart). To help the community host the upcoming meeting. Putting it mildly, she was blown away at the attendance of our informational meeting! Thanks to all who came!

This community showed the true spirit of the Tres Dias movement by volunteering for small jobs and big jobs. Many rearranged their schedules and took time off work in order to assist during the whole weekend! We had more host homes than requested, so I was able to suggest homestays to others, which blessed the hosts and their guests even more than attending meetings! The transportation volunteers were also in abundance going to & from host homes and the airport. Sue and Mitch Malinski, Desiree and Dave Jordan plus many others worked very hard providing the meals for all of us for 3 days! The Victory Secuela was very well attended with 200+ local community and TDI guests. Thank you to each of you that participated, brought food, helped set up and tear down, brought your banners to display, sang, instructed, did media and generally just helped wherever needed!

Suzette Coggins,
Tres Dias International Representative

Sunday’s wrap-up meeting was followed by Mike Holmes surprise 80th birthday party was attended by original community members who knew Mike from the first 10 weekends held in Arizona! He DROVE from Georgia then, and from Texas now to attend the meeting!

There were some surprise discoveries made during the weekend. A large wooden cross was displayed, and Mike Holmes saw it, and revealed HE carved that cross for our community when we were getting started! Also, Beau Bruce VP of Membership TDI recognized the Doucette name, and discovered he was Kurtis Doucette’s Rector back in Georgia, where it all began!

The Tres Dias of Central Arizona community needs to know the comments that came from TDI attendees! Paraphrasing from memory, some said it was the best meeting they ever attended. The community participation at the essentials training, Saturday meetings, Secuela, and Sunday morning meetings & luncheon exceeded their expectations! The TDI administration Committee added more meeting time during the weekend, and with our community involvement it created an atmosphere of learning and growing the national movement of Tres Dias not just the local community. We learned so much from each other! The TDI members pay most of their own expenses, using their time treasures and talents to help all local communities, and hosting was a significant way to exchange information all-around. Jan & Carl Coleman, The western state liaison, taught the essentials training, and will be back to visit soon! Our very own webmaster, Brenda McDonald has volunteered to help TDI, as well as Peg Novak!

TDI needs more participation from the western United States, as most of them come from Texas, the midwest and the east coast! March 1–3, 2019 meeting will be held in the Boise Idaho area. Yay!

I have been the TDI delegate and now on the TDI administration committee and attended 3 meetings before being the planning chair of the AZ meeting. I want to personally thank each and everyone of you that did volunteer, wanted to volunteer, and tried to volunteer... we were all one big team of CHA’s Christ’s Hands in Action! We are very blessed to have such a vibrant community who loves Yeshua our Messiah and wants to share that love with each other and our family and friends through the Tres Dias experience. Love and blessings to all, Suzette Coggins

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