Welcome to Tres Dias of Central Arizona

Hello Fellow Tres Dias Pescadores!

Have you thought about being in a Reunion Group? Are you ready to commit to get together with fellow believers for a weekly or every other week?

Here are some benefits of belonging to a Reunion Group:

studying Godís word
ďfamilyĒ when someone is in need
able to talk about your life knowing it will stay within the group

Mike Withrow,
TDCAZ Reunion Groups

If youíd like to start a group, join a group already in progress or just get some info on where groups meet in your area please let me know. Iím happy to help.

Do you have a great study youíd like to share? Iím getting a list of good studies for sharing within Tres Dias. Please just shoot me an email. Iíll get your book put on our growing list. If you know itís for couples, males or females please let me know this too.

Are you in a group but need some help with what to study? Iíll send you a list of good resources.

Feel free to contact me, Mike Withrow mikewwcr@gmail.com if you have any questions.

Last updated 03.2019

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